Our Story

“Taking the beach back to the paddock”​​​​​​​

Surfing For Farmers is a unique opportunity for New Zealand farmers to take a break from their all-consuming businesses and engage in outdoor activities, enjoy fresh air, exercise, and connect with fellow farmers, rural families, and industry professionals. 

Over the past five years, SFF has experienced remarkable growth, expanding to 27 locations nationwide. Local coordinators generously volunteer their time to provide this invaluable opportunity, offering a respite from the all-encompassing demands of rural life and fostering social connections within the community.

SFF recognises the importance of providing an outlet that liberates individuals from the daily grind and overwhelming to-do lists. By engaging in surfing activities, our farmers and growers gain a renewed perspective and prioritise their own self-care. This simple yet effective approach enables participants nationwide to place themselves at the forefront of their responsibilities. 

With an impressive participation of over 4,000 farmers and growers across 27 locations, the 13-week SFF program showcases its tangible impact on the lives of those involved.

What sets SFF apart is its commitment to accessibility, as all equipment, lessons, and refreshments are free of charge. This ensures that the programme remains inclusive and accessible to all individuals who can benefit from it, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Jump in the ute, grab your neighbours and join us for the perfect break and a classic kiwi BBQ.